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August 5, 2019
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The Reason One Should Use Roadrunner E-mail Service: It’s Unique Features And Email Support

Before the advent of the internet, people used to communicate with each with letters, i.e., writing with hands on a piece of paper and then mailing it, but long gone are the days of writing a letter to someone. To be fair letters, are still being written and send but only digitally. The most popular way of sending a letter to someone is through an email, which provides the additional feature of sending an ‘attachments’ – a document, a spreadsheet, a slideshow, picture and link to websites. There are several e-mail services out there which even provide 24×7 customer support, such as roadrunner email support, in case a complication arises in the process of e-mail transfer.

Introducing Roadrunner E-Mail Services SoftwareAnd Why Should One Opt For It

Roadrunner is an e-mail service software that allows its users to send e-mails to others. Apart from this basic feature, roadrunner also provides several other unique features –

The main Email account with five sub-email accounts – Most of the ordinary email services provide their clients with a single email account, but Roadrunner isn’t an ordinary email service, and so every roadrunner client gets a ‘main’ email account with five sub-email accounts each with its individual storage.

An address book – Roadrunner also provides its clients with an address book to store all his contacts (email addresses and other related information) at one secure place.

Easy to understand – roadrunner email settings are purposely made to be easily comprehensible and easy to use and even if one faces any difficulty in understanding the workings of this service, the roadrunner customer support is just a call away.

Parental control – Roadrunner provides a parental lock on its accounts. Thus one can rest assured that their kids won’t be able to access their ‘sensitive’ emails

Limits on the data sent – While ordinary email services limit the sent emails to a maximum of 25MB per email, Roadrunner limits it’s per email size at 30MB, so a user can send more data.

Roadrunner Customer Service and Security Services 

Another unique feature of Roadrunner is the excellent customer support it offers. If a person is facing any problem in understanding the features of the site or faces any unexpected error while sending the mail, he can simply call roadrunner customer service at +1-888-338-6033 and get his problem fixed.

Roadrunner also offers sophisticated security options such as – A comprehensive scan for viruses with automatic deletion of infected messages, total spam control with the option to automatically delete the spam/junk mail received and the option of deliberately blocking mails from the email addresses the user doesn’t want any contact with.

Apart from these security options each message being sent or received by the user is highly encrypted by the Roadrunner security systems so no one else can read those messages except the sender and the receivers of the message.

All being said, Roadrunner is an exceptional email service that not only provides several unique features to its clients – increased per email limits, parental controls and an address book along with total encryption of mails and 24×7 roadrunner email support, all at a small price. Seriously, what more can a person ask for from his email service! So, go ahead try Roadrunner.

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