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All That Is There To Know About Roadrunner Email On iPhone

Roadrunner Email On iPhone

Most people find it difficult to set up roadrunner email on iphone, tablets, iPad, or Android smartphones. Though it is an easy process, there are several steps that make it a bit difficult to grasp. Besides, though there are some general steps, the exact steps vary according to the model that you are using at present. The first step of the process is getting the Roadrunner Email User name right. When you are asked for the username, enter the full roadrunner email address, for instance, [email protected], [email protected], etc.


Reasons To Use IMAP For Roadrunner Email Settings iPhone

The roadrunner email settings iphone for the iPads and iPhones are designed to be configured according to IMAP. You can also go for POP3 settings but the experts recommend using IMAP for several reasons. Using POP3 across multiple devices can cause synchronization errors when trying to receive, send, or access email. The same thing can happen when you use POP3 or IMAP simultaneously. The common error message that comes up says something like: the mail server denied access to your account because another mail client was using it.


Steps To Set Up Roadrunner Email On iPhone Using IMAP

You can set up roadrunner email on iphone following the eight simple steps as enumerated below:

1. Select Settings from the home screen of your iPhone

2. Select the option that says Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

3. Select Add Account from the Accounts Section present at the top of the screen

4. On the screen that lists popular email hosts select the ‘Other’ option

5. Under Mail option, select Add Mail Account.

6. A screen will come up for you to provide some information:

Name: Your desired name for your account on roadrunner iphone

Address: Your email address

Password: The password of your email account

Description: This box gets automatically filled while setting roadrunner iphone

7. Select the ‘Next’ option.

8. The phone starts showing status messages during the process of verification. The messages come like “Looking up account information” and “Verifying account information.”

When the process of verification is done, Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen is shown with the email address is listed under the ‘Accounts’ option. If the email server settings are not populated automatically, you can opt for the manual settings.


Getting Assistance From Roadrunner Email Phone Number

The steps ensure that setting up roadrunner email setting for your iPhones is completely free of any hassles. Even after following all the steps if you encounter any problem, feel free to call on roadrunner email phone number. The customer service of the company is known for their superior quality of services. No problem is too big to not be handled by the company in a matter of minutes. Just give a call at the toll-free tech support number of the company at any time of the day and the experts will come to your aid to solve any issues in a jiffy.


The Roadrunner Email Customer Service Number For Solving Any Issues

The tech support team of the company aims to provide the customers with the best possible service regardless of the issue. The best part about giving a call at +1-888-338-6033 to the roadrunner email customer service number is that you will get the best possible service in the minimum amount of time and a highly affordable price. The team is always just a phone call away for any issues you face with the settings of your iPhone. The testimonials from the loyal customers of the company speak volumes about the quality of services provided by the customer care services. You can assured of getting positive results each time when you rely on the customer services of the company.

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